T3 books

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T3 books

Beitragvon clydzik » 31.08.2007, 09:44

Hi All.
I'm new in here.
My name is Chris and i'm t3 fan from poland.

I have V3 Caravelle Carat from 83.

Any way i was searching web for interesting materials about Vw 3 especially books couse they are accessible with difficulties in normal printed form.

With much effort i get some pdf books with file names called:

Vw Bus (t2 t3 Picture Catalog Vanagon All Models All Parts Pass Bulliforum.pdf

and others.
The problem is that pdf are encrypted. As all we can se in the file name there is suggested password of Bulliforum which does not work.

But i start to browse internet with bulliforum search, and i found this forum.

Can anyone tell me if these are really unofficial publications from this forum.

I have much more pdf but also protected with the same suggestion about password.

Ofcourse the main question is what is the real password ;)

O know that would be good to get real paper books (from ebay or so) but it is really rare. Can any one help with this. I'm most interested in book

Volkswagen Vanagon Official Factory Repair Manual

Regards and thanks for help in advance

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Beitragvon jany » 31.08.2007, 09:58

u got pm 8-)
grĂĽĂźe jany ;-)

my new motivation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE3vuT8QNOI


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