Too FAT for "far-fair-gnu-ghen" ??!

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Too FAT for "far-fair-gnu-ghen" ??!

Beitragvon Big Man Wolf » 26.10.2016, 02:05

Hi Folks,

[b] ... I have a problem! [/b]
No more Fahrvergnügen with my beloved T1 Splitty for nearly two years now. Fact is, the drivers cabin doesn´t fit me properly anymore Now that all belly-reducing-attempts failed, I am looking for a technical solution. Anyone here who knows about smaller - like "racing" steering-wheels or driver-seats that might give me some more 10 to 15cm room for all of my body? (..and may get our germans MOT´s "okay"...?)
If you know about dealers for those parts ..... or if you had that problem by yourself and found yourself a custom made solution.. - i would be very glad to hear about it !! Send me photos..
Yes, and ... if you please may stay away from funny jokes about fitting in a splitty....
Maybe I´m not the only one...

Thanx and Greetings


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