Beautiful Budel. The VW Aircooled Event 2018.

Hier werden, wichtige Termine wie zB.
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Beautiful Budel. The VW Aircooled Event 2018.

Beitragvon AndysGoldBeetle » 14.03.2018, 23:15

BildBeautifull Budel Aircooled Event_0247 by Andy, on Flickr

The VW Aircooled Event will take place on the 7th, 8th & 9th of September.

Gates open at 13:00.
Friday night we have live music.
Photo shoots under the beetle-spider and also in the Budelbox.
Many people have a party in the camping area on the friday night and it is a great atmosphere.
If you prefer it to be a bit quieter then we have family/quiet camping too.

Parts market is open, we have a big trade market.
The buggy track is open with the chance to have a ride in one of the buggies or take your own onto the track.
Join the VW cruise around Budel.
In the evening the children have a lantern parade around the campsite.
There is a disco for children in the afternoon.
In the evening there is live music in the party tent.
You can do a photo shoot under the beetle-spider and in the Budelbox.

Show and shine.
Parts market is open.
Buggy track is open.
There is live music in the day on the stage outside.
Sit in the cozy sitting area with a drink and food from the many food stalls.
Don't forget to have your photo taken in the Budelbox when you leave.

BildDSC_0210 by Andy, on Flickr

BildDSC_0496 by Andy, on Flickr

BildDSC_0238 by Andy, on Flickr

Bildfestival_logo_2018_WEB by Andy, on Flickr

Pre-sale tickets cost 30 euro for the whole weekend, available on our website.

Tickets on arrival are 35 euro for the whole weekend.

Location, Budel, Netherlands. Follow the signs to the show.
Get the Beautiful Budel feeling, join the best VW party in Europe.

Party time is 13 - 15 September 2019.

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