Beautiful Budel. The VW Aircooled Event 2017.

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Beautiful Budel. The VW Aircooled Event 2017.

Beitragvon AndysGoldBeetle » 14.02.2017, 16:39

Bild2017 by Andy, on Flickr

Slight change of name but, same great event!

Last years event was our best attendance so far. This year we are hoping to welcome even more people.

If you like to sing or perform, you might want to get up on the small stage and entertain the crowd in the day.

There is a live band in the day on the small stage.

For the children there is a kids party with DJ in the early evening.

Later in the evening we have live bands and DJ's in the big tent.

There are plenty of activities for children at the kids tent. We also have a radio control race track for kids of all ages, even adults.

If you have a buggy, rail, baha or syncro then have a play on the buggy track.

We have a big parts market, with professional traders and a hobby market. Professional traders email for info and booking.

The main camping area has a great atmosphere, with people having parties and lots of fun.

If you prefer a quieter nights camping, we have a family/quiet camping area.

Friday the gates open at 13:00 and the party begins!

Saturday is vintage VWs and VWs for sale.

Sunday is show and shine.

Location. Budel, Netherlands.

Our website;

Follow us on Facebook;

Don't forget to take a photo of your VW under the Keverspin (beetlespider), a day photo and a night photo.

BildDSC_0808 by Andy, on Flickr
BildDSC_0066 by Andy, on Flickr

Some videos of last years event.
Get the Beautiful Budel feeling, join the best VW party in Europe.

Party time is 7, 8, 9 September 2018.

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